Carita Facial Treatments

Gold Facial : 1 hr 30 mins £140.00

This blissful treatment begins with a unique relaxation ritual to de-stress, rebalance energy and improve well-being.

After exfoliation and deep cleansing, a unique manual sculpting massage eases away facial tension and improves skin firmness, as well as stimulating collagen production.

For the first time, two exclusive facial accessories have been expertly combined with CARITA's renowned Ideal Pro-Lift Machine to achieve a maximum 'lifting' effect. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, whilst muscles are lifted and re-sculpted, redefining the face.

The Perfect Gold Sculpting Facial ends with application of Perfect Gold Serum and Perfect Cream to give your skin vitality, firmness and radiance.

Sculpting Eye Lift : 30 mins £55.00

This exoress 30 minute treatment has been created to target the most fragile part of the face - the eye area, where signs of time first appear.

After removing make-up and cleansing, the treatment combines the cutting-edge Pro-Lift technology with a new specific facial accessory to dramatically minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lif the eyebrows.

CARITA's Pro-lift technology offers exceptional anti-ageing benefits to stimulate collagen, lift and rejuvenate the eye contour which are immediately visible after the very first treament.

The Sculpting Eye Lift ends with the application of Perfect Cream for Eyes and Lips to further smooth, firm and refine these delicate areas and provide skin with vitality and radiance.

Carita 'Pro-Lift' Firming Facial : 1 hr 30 mins £100.00

The 'Pro-Lifting' facial is CARITA's signature treatment. It firms the skin, gives an instant lift, repairs the effects of time and gives the complexion a youthful radiance.

After a single treatment it's amazing rejuvenating effects are immediately visible; eyes look brighter and awakened, while the revitalized skin acquires a transparent clarity and velvety softness. Any slackness in the skin is instantly lifted, producing a well-rested, healthy glow. Fine lines and wrinkles are erased and the contours of the face are perfectly redefined.

With four stages that combine massage, the exclusive 'Pro-lift' technology and CARITA's specialised 'Progressif' skin care products, mature skin undergoes exfoliation, deep cleansing, relaxation and lifting to produce a remarkable and immediate anti-ageing effect.

Carita 'Pro-Lift' Booster Facial : 1 hour £80.00

After a course of 'Pro-Lifting' facial treaments, a one hour Booster treatment is all that is needed to give a quick and immediate lift for a special occasion.

Ideal 'Intense' Douceur : 1 hour £80.00

Sensitive skin is soothed and protected with a specially designed relaxing massage and the expert application of CARITA products carefully formulated to reduce redness, calm irritations, increase suppleness and strengthen the skin's natural defences.

The hypoallergenic formulas of the wonderful Ideal Douceur products contain Cotton to comfort sensitised skin and help to rebuild its resistance to external irritants.

Carita 'Pro-Radiance' Facial : 1 hour £80.00

With a combination of Swedish and Iymphatic massage techniques and the application of CARITA's famous anti-aging products, this calming and restorative treatment soothes and stimulates mature skin to ensure intensive rejuvenating benefits.

Diamond of Beauty : 1 hr 30 mins £150.00

A truly luxurious treatment with unrivalled anti-ageing results, these multi facets infuse the skin with a new lease of life. The treatment uses unprecedented products which contain a fusion of plants and Diamond to prolong the youth of your skin. The treatment begins with a welcoming foot ritual, a back, shoulder and scalp massage. Followed by an in-depth relaxing, targeted face and décolleté massage, using the revolutionary Pro-Lift technology a 'non-surgical' face lift.

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