Venus Freeze™ Treatments

Anti-Ageing Facials, Skin Rejuvenation & Cellulite Reduction

Smoother Skin in Minutes.
Delivering the promise... with proven results

The Venus Freeze™ RF/(MP)2 System gives you a proven range of safe, simple and effective treatments for your skin. It is suitable for face, neck and body on men and women. Results vary but typically you can see noticeable results in just a few 30 minute sessions and easily done over a lunch-time.

Venus Freeze™ will smooth out the wrinkles and lines without expensive or painful surgery. For best and lasting results we might recommend a regular course of Venus Freeze™ treatments that suit your particular problem area.

Venus Freeze™ Treatments include...

  • Venus Freeze™ Facials (popular with celeb's and top models)
  • Non-surgical Body Shaping / Inch Loss (waist, stomach)
  • Cellulite Reduction (legs, bottom)
  • Skin Tightening (neck, chin, arms, legs, buttocks, etc)
  • Anti-Ageing & Wrinkle Reduction (eye area, forehead, hands, etc)

No Injections, No Knives and NO PAIN!

Venus Freeze™ treatments are non-invasive. Most patients of the Venus Freeze™ treatments say it is a pleasant and relaxing experience, often saying it is similar to a hot stone message...some even fall asleep! You will see and notice tighter skin, the softening of wrinkles, a plumper, fuller and more youthful appearance. The Venus Freeze™ can all help reduce cellulite and assist inch-loss for a more contoured sillouette.

"The first time I was in to try the Venus Freeze I must say I was amazed; there was no pain whatsoever. I loved it. I know in the past with other treatments there was a pinching sensation. With this one it was just warm to the point that I was so relaxed that I would fall asleep. I would recommend it to other people. At least try it, it's amazing."
- Rita, a Venus Freeze Patient

"The Facelift of the Future"

Venus Freeze™ is already very popular in Europe, Australia and the USA. Many Models (Cara Delevingne, Yasmin Le Bon, Lisa Snowdon) and A-List Celebrities have openly endorsed it's use in their preparation for the catwalk or red-carpet. In the USA the Venus Freeze™ has received unprecented TV/Media coverage and been called "the facelift of the future". And it's not hard to see why the Venus Freeze™ Facial is so popular with great results, without pain in only a few short sessions.

Venus Freeze Treatment Prices

  • A course of 8 treatments is recommended for face treatment. £100 per treatment
  • Special Offer: Pay for 6 treatments and receive 2 free treatments if paid for on first treatment.

Bookings and Enquiries

To book a treatment or request more information please call +44 (0)1629 580582 or use our contact form, or email us.